Jessica Cutie

First Impressions

When a girl gives you a free streaming trailer on her site and she teases it by showing you a picture of her about to suck on a cock it`s pretty hard not to click and check it out. The trailer starts with Jessica Cutie posing solo and playing with a few of her girlfriends and then she gets into the sucking and the fucking. There`s one part where she`s on the couch with her legs spread and she`s getting pounded hard and it looks pretty fucking great. After seeing that and browsing through the rest of the content I`m really looking forward to seeing what else she does.

Hot Promises

The video makes implicit promises about what kind of action you`re going to find inside Jessica Cutie. That means lesbian sex, solo pleasures and hardcore fucking and sucking. The tour then goes on to make more solid promises that include thousands of hot pictures, DVD quality videos, regular updates, tons of bonuses and they make sure to emphasis the fact that she has 32E breasts. That`s a nice feature. There`s also the promise of bonus content and at the bottom of the page you can see the full list of sites that come with your membership.


Inside it`s a breeze getting around because Jessica Cutie has blessedly kept her site free of advertisements. In just a few clicks you can be browsing the picture galleries or the videos to see this young babe with the big natural tits doing all her dirty things. There`s a text list of the most recent updates but it`s largely useless because you can`t actually click on them. They`re really just telling you that they update the site regularly. A little extra work and they`d save you a few clicks. The bonus sites can be found at the bottom of the page.

Browse to the picture page and you`ll see the 20 most recent galleries listed. For each there`s a preview thumbnail, a title and the date the set was published. You can browse to the rest of the content at the bottom of the page and you`ll find 58 galleries so far. There`s a new addition weekly and the tasty chick always seems to be coming up with something new to wear for your arousal. The picture sets typically have 100-200 shots and they display at 1200px. There are no zip files though so keeping a copy of the gallery will be a real challenge for you. If you want to peruse the videos you`ll find 61 of them, against listed 20 to a page. I know the tour lists more than 110 clips available but that`s because they count the different resolutions of each scene as multiple videos. That`s cheating a little bit so shame on them for doing so. That`s still plenty of content though. Each scene looks great in a clip that plays at 720x480 and 2400kbps. They`re only available in WMV and only as a full length clip so they could certainly use a little variety for those that like options in their movies.

Speaking of variety, busty young model Jessica Cutie manages to give you a whole lot of choice when it comes to enjoying her body. First there are the solo sets. In them she models lingerie, bikinis, cute t-shirts, tight tops and the occasional costume. I`m a big fan of the lingerie, especially with a pair of tits like that. When she puts on something sheer and tight it hugs her body in the lustiest way and it makes her look good enough to play with in so many different ways. When she puts on a bikini again the big tits come to the forefront because they`re so damn sexy. My favorite outfit comes from one of the early galleries where she posed as an office girl. You`ll also see her as a schoolgirl and in holiday lingerie.

Jessica Cutie gets hardcore only on rare occasions but that doesn`t mean we should ignore it. When a girl this young and pretty with such beautiful tits has sex on camera it`s a notable thing. She proves to be a good cocksucker, although I could do with the guy she`s sucking and getting fucked by not having a huge hairy belly. She looks best when she`s sucking the guy`s dick because she does it with such conviction and passion. When she`s gobbling cock you`re going to believe that for this young lady there`s nothing more pleasurable than sucking a dick and making it hard. I really loved seeing her pussy get pounded too. She spreads her legs and takes the big cock up inside her hole and the pleasure of watching her tits jiggle and bounce was more than enough to give me a boner.

For those that like to see girls hook up Jessica Cutie provides lesbian content. In one scene she hooks up with another chick while the two of them pose in schoolgirl uniforms. They give each other light spankings and then they bring out their dildos and go wild. There`s pussy fucking of each other and then they fuck themselves. In other scenes you can see her kissing girls, eating pussy, fingering and more. She is always in pursuit of the almighty orgasm and she will do whatever it takes to achieve that pleasure.

More than half the content is solo because that`s probably the easiest and cheapest to produce. There are only a handful of hardcore scenes and the rest is girl on girl action. It`s a strong mix of pornographic action featuring a hot blonde chick and her many wonderful outfits. The site is ideal for guys that like big tit chicks because her big natural boobs are a real treat. You can ogle all you like and she`s not going to dream of turning you down or turning you away.

If you feel the need for more pleasure Jessica Cutie`s site comes with access to nine other sites. Five of those sites feature solo chicks just like her. You`ll actually see some of the girls from those sites hooking up with Jessica. There are two pure lesbian sites, although they`re both small and not entirely thrilling because of it. The most interesting site features the girls talking dirty to the guy behind the camera and to you while they masturbate. It`s hot sex talk! There`s also a big tit posing site.

Croco’s Opinion

Jessica Cutie is a delicious young blonde with a nice pair of natural tits and a penchant for showing them off to any man that wants to watch. She also likes to pleasure her pussy and in her picture galleries and videos you can see her doing solo content, having lesbian sex and getting fucked by a dude with a hard dick. The mix of content is the site`s best feature and she continues to update twice a week with new content. The solo babe destination has more than 60 videos and nearly 60 picture galleries and there are nine bonus sites for your perusal when you`re finished or bored with her content. This site is a good value even if the first month`s membership is a little expensive and there`s no personal contact.


Everything is easy to browse. The only problem is the lack of information about the videos. One picture is not enough to make an informed decision.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95 for the first month`s access and $29.95 for every month after that.

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